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Heathlands Year 6 Leavers 2022


Thank you for making this year’s fundraising programme for Heathfest 2022 a sell-out success!

Now time for the final countdown to Heathfest on Thursday July 21st when we say our fond farewell to Heathlands.  Pictures will be posted for download in the gallery.

On behalf of the Y6L Committee :


Our Target

We are happy to announce that fundraising efforts have raised over an incredible £3000 for Heathfest 2022.

You have smashed your target!



Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin£1,800Raised £3,000 towards the £1,800 target.£3,000Raised £3,000 towards the £1,800 target.167%

Don't Forget Your Icepops!

Final sale today 20th May!

Jubilee Disco Thursday 12th May 2022


Sponsored Litterpick

We have our first Heathfest Sponsorship Challenge donation from Zach in 6T, who spent a sunny Saturday afternoon, clearing the litter from his Green. Great work!  Let’s see what other fabulous ideas our Year 6s have 🙂 Good luck with your sponsorship challenges!

The Sponsorship Challenge is now CLOSED.


Bake-Off Takes Off!

Another sell-out success! Congratulations to everyone who took the time to contribute to the cake bake.  Your creations were all devoured!

Huge well done to all our year 6 helpers!!

Thank you to everyone for taking time to make, buy, or sell from the Y6L Committee 😘

Y6L Hoodie Orders Are In!

Our lovely Y6L team have been hard at work and have now completed the orders for our Y6L hoodies and t-shirts.  These will be distributed via your child’s class as soon as we have them 🙂

Any questions, please contact Clair Longman or Kelly Mclean

A Message From The Yearbook Team

 The Year 6 photobook team are now starting the process of creating the yearbook.  If you haven’t yet sent your photos in, please could you send your child’s photos asap (no more than 10 photos) to:

Class 6G to:

Class 6T to:

The yearbook will be presented to the children during their last week of school in the summer term.

Many thanks!🌈

Y6L Provisional Fundraising Ideas for 2022:

(Keep checking in with us for updates!)

Next up:

  • Pyjama day
  • Heathfest Sponsorship Challenge 2022
  • May Disco
  • Ice pop Fridays

A Seasonal Success Story!

Wow! What a success.  Thank you to all the parents and helpers who took part in the Hearty Heathlands Christmas Event – in every way – and especially the children who gave up their time also to host the games stall and help out where needed.

We can boast of a roaring trade in donuts!

Well done!

You can see our thermometer increasing!

Donate Here

We are working on building our ideas for future Year 6 fundraising events.  If none of our events tickle your fancy or you are just plain busy (we get that) you can still make a difference by donating your pennies here.

We are so grateful for your generosity.

All donations are welcome and on behalf of the Y6L committee:

Thank you so much!

Any questions? Get in touch 🙂

Y6L Fundraising

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Don’t forget to check back on our website  for updates on new fundraising events and Y6L leavers’ plans.