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As part of the Y6L sponsored event, the year 6 pupils have been helping out with The Larder project in conjunction with St Mary’s Church, which aims to assist those who have been adversely affected by the pandemic.  The children enjoyed sorting and packing food parcels.  Below you can see some snaps from their day!

The monies raised from your sponsorship will go towards supporting the Y6L party on 21st July and The Larder.

The children from 6H were asked what they thought about their experience helping The Larder Project and these are just some of their great responses:

“Life Changing …”

“Helping others first …”

“Learning to cook together …”

“Better mental well-being …”

“I feel happy because I’m helping a family live …”

“It makes us feel kind-hearted …”


This is what 6T had to say about their day at The Larder:

 “I really liked the responsibilities of doing the job in the Larder and knowing that we are helping people in doing so…” (Alys)

“We worked in the class to calculate the amounts of food we needed and how much it would cost for each family…” (Harry)

“We packed boxes full of fruit and vegetables in preparation for delivery.  It was exciting knowing that we were helping our community…” (Lexi)